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Game Mechanics

image of the logo for the APOCalypse 2500 RPG Percentile System used by this role-playing game

The APOCalypse 2500 RPG Percentile System is purposely simple, utilizing percentile (d100) game mechanics. It is easily adaptable to new game situations, creatures, and devices. Game Masters are given the freedom to use judgment and work with the fantasy world, rather than be bound by an endless matrix of dice governed variables. This offers fast play and straight forward success or failure die rolls. Weapons are realistically proportional to "real world" examples or logical conjecture in the case of fantasy devices. Players, GM's, and adventure writers will find this tabletop gaming system flexible and easy to learn.
Dice used:
A standard 7 piece set,1 each D4, D6, D8, D10, D12, D20, D100 (D%)
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Civilizations Fall

In 22nd century scientists blunder :
The Vortex forms :
Magical species appear :
Accelerated continental drift happens :
Neo-Pangaea forms :
War happens :
Nations fail, feudalism arises :
Time passes :
It is now the year 2500 and your adventure begins...

The setting for this post-apocalyptic pen and dice tabletop role-playing game takes place approximately 400 years after the 22nd century formation of a stable terrestrial wormhole called the vortex. This man-made phenomenon caused what scientists of the time called "retrograde planetary evolution." Massively accelerated continental drift caused tectonic stress leading to huge tsunamis and widespread volcanism. Close on the heels of this devastation came a super winter, sustained for decades by volcanic ash and smoke. Crops failed and the world began to starve. War soon followed as humanity fought for what was left. Into this international fray of hover-tanks, tactical nukes, and energy weapons came the arcane sorcerers and their magic wielding armies. The conflict raged for decades until nations finally collapsed and their armies found themselves in the field with nothing left to fight for. Many simply held the ground they stood on and attempted to build a new life; thus giving rise to the post-apocalyptic feudal world of the 4th century AV (after vortex). A world, built of thousands of small fiefdoms, arcane settlements, and city-states spread across the new super continent of Neo-Pangaea.

APOCalypse 2500 Game Characters

Image of some of the fa<br>ntasy sci-fi creatures in the tabletop RPG APOCalypse 2500

Many different character options exist as one can play a wide range of humans, mutants and arcane species. APOCalypse 2500's game system utilizes occupational based skill bonuses allowing a mix and match style of player character creation, rather than a strict class based approach. This fantasy world is wide open to the imagination and gives players virtually endless possibility to customize their characters to fit their style of play.

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