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Post-apocalyptic sci-fi and fantasy magic adventure RPG.

APOCalypse 2500 is a tabletop rpg role-playing game set in a post apocalyptic science fiction world of fantasy and magical beasts, utilizing printed books and dice, not a computer or online game...
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What is a tabletop rpg (role-playing game)

Back in the days when only Cpt. Kirk and NASA had computers Role-Playing Games (rpg) were played very differently from the way most experience them in the Internet / video game age. These rpg games were the purview of the kitchen table and the local hobby shop; played in a universe in which the monsters and heroes found their courage flowing from uniquely numbered dice and the pages of a book. The first widely known tabletop rpg role-playing game, released in the 1970's, was restricted to a mythical medieval world. Today the genre encompasses a wide variety of games in an endless number of settings; referred to, as "pen and paper rpg or tabletop rpg," as a way to differentiate the classic genre from its modern electronic counterpart. APOCalypse 2500 is one such tabletop rpg, in which the participants assume roles, as sci-fi fantasy characters in a post-apocalyptic scenario that develops as the game progresses. APOCalypse 2500 is set in a unique fantasy world where humankind's science fiction tech has brought about the return of ancient magic and fantasy creatures.

The post-apocalyptic sci-fi magical fantasy world

Magic & Technology Collide

image of the vortex which is a self sustaining wormhole in the post apocalyptic tabletop rpg game APOCalypse 2500 This tabletop rpg game is set in the year 2500 refereed to in the game as the 4th century AV; 400 years after a scientific miscalculation opened a self sustaining wormhole called the vortex. The wormhole brought dramatic change to earth's geography with the formation of the land mass known as Neo-Pangaea and the appearance of magical species reminiscent of medieval fantasy legend. In the time this role-playing game takes place humanity has adapted to the new realities of life in a post-apocalyptic world where one is as likely to find a sword wielding magic using elf lord as they are to come across a pissed off dwarf with a Kalashnikov and a hover cycle.

Civilizations Fall

image of a burning ruined city in the post-apocalyptic tabletop rpg APOCalypse 2500The disasters wrought by massively accelerated continental drift and extreme meteorological manifestations eventually caused world war III. As coastlines were decimated by unprecedented tidal surges and volcanism filled the sky with ash humanity began to fight for what was left. Into this international fray of science fiction like hover-tanks and energy weapons came the arcane sorcerers and their magic wielding armies with their great mythical beasts of war. The conflict raged for decades until there were no more nations to fight for. Armies found themselves in the field without supply or higher command; left with little choice but to hold the ground they stood on and attempt to build a life. Thus arose the feudal world of the 4th century AV built of thousands of small fiefdoms, arcane settlements, and city-states spread across the super continent of Neo-Pangaea. Some of the larger cities have managed to preserve their high technology while others are primitive by comparison. There are thousands of magical arcane strongholds territories and villages dotted across the super-continent and the many islands of the pan-pacific expanse. The post-apocalyptic world of this tabletop rpg is a dynamic environment, constantly in flux with hundreds of fantasy creatures and ancient battle fields filled with science fiction tech and magical treasure yet to be discovered.

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APOCalypse 2500 Game Characters

Image of some of the fantasy sci-fi creatures in the tabletop rpg APOCalypse 2500 Adventure is the name of the game as participants in this post-apocalyptic sci-fi magic role-playing game, in the part of their fantasy characters, quest for wealth and magical treasure while overcoming fantastical perils in this combined science fiction medieval fantasy world. Many different character options exist as one can play a wide range of humans, mutants, arcane, and even alien species. APOCalypse 2500's game system utilizes occupational based skill bonuses allowing a mix and match style of player character creation, rather than a strict class based approach. One can even play non humanoid magical and mechanical creatures chosen from among the various monster books. This fantasy world is wide open to the imagination and gives players virtually endless possibility to customize their characters to fit their style of play. whether you prefer to focus on the sci-fi, the magic, or a combination of both this tabletop pen and dice role-playing game is only limited by your imagination and creative application of the game rules.

Game Mechanics: RPG Percentile System

image of the logo for the APOCalypse 2500 RPG Percentile System used by this role-playing gameThe APOCalypse 2500 RPG Percentile System uses a percentile (%) based game mechanics and simple mathematically calculable matrix. The system is designed to be extremely flexible and adaptable to new role-playing game situations, creatures, and devices allowing for continual evolution of the game while eliminating the need for repeated and costly release of new rules. The die rolls are broken up into logical "To" roll categories such as "To do or use", "To hit", "To use Magic," etc based on player attributes such as strength, Psychic Rating, Agility etc. Weapons and spells range, damage, and affect are direct and proportional to "real world" examples or logical conjecture in the case of fantasy devices. While the system is mathematical all the formulas are basic math and should be easy for anyone who has passed the second grade to comprehend. This was done so that new futuristic sci-fi devices, armor, weapons, magic, vehicles and creatures can be introduced without new rules. Players, GM's, and adventure writers will find this rpg game system exceptionally flexible and easy to learn and work with.

Dice used: Standard 7 piece set, D% for all "To" rolls, D4 to D20 when determining the degree of affect, D4 character creation.

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The APOCalypse 2500 Team

Picture of the author J L Arnold, creator of APOCalypse 2500 rpg   The Author J L Arnold

Picture of Loran Cook, contributing artist to APOCalypse 2500 rpg   Primary Artist Loran Cook


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